Tim McInnerny


Tim McInnerny is an English actor, who has appeared in many films, TV shows and stage plays. His popular works include his role of Lord Percy Percy and Captain Darling in ‘Blackadder’ a series of British sitcoms.

He was born in Cheshire, England. He graduated from Oxford University. His first role was in the British mystery film ‘Wetherby’, where he had an important part. He soon gained popularity for his work in ‘Blackadder’, a series of multiple British sitcoms. He is only one of the four actors who have appeared in all four ‘Blackadder’ series. Other movies he has worked in include ‘Richard III’, ‘Notting Hill’ and ‘Severance’. His most recent roles on the big screen were in the 2019 crime thriller film ‘Killers Anonymous’, where he played a supporting character named Calvin, and in the 2019 biographical adventure film ‘The Aeronauts’, where he played George Biddell Airy. He has also performed in several theatre shows, including The Caretaker, Othello, the Rocky Horror Show and ‘Twelfth Night’.


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